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Dashboard > Settings > Reading ... text change

October 30, 2018 · 22:02 · Code Potent

The word "homepage" ... I think there's a crack in the internet over whether this is one word or two, but it looks weird, especially when the first character is capitalized.

I'd change the label to read "Your front page displays"

...and then split and capitalize the other instance of homepage (from Homepage to Home Page) so that it looks consistent with the other option in that selector, which is "Posts Page".

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Difficulty: Easy
Request: Modify feature
Tim Kaye

Anything that reads better gets my vote!

Daniele Scasciafratte

I am not sure because home page now is a synonym for the front page and people has issue understand what is the front page.
Right now the real difference is only for devs that use the is_front_page() but for normal user a front page can be the frontend as all.

David Decker

This is not just a simple text change - as @Daniele said, it is a synonym already!
We need to make it crystal clear what is meant - so that also translators have a chance to catch up.

Example: in German the word "Homepage" is totally common - but it has two meanings:

1) the website as a whole
2) the "home page"

"Frontpage"/ "Front page" has only the meaning of "home page" in German.

So any text change regarding "home page"/ "front page" and things like that is very sensible. Sometimes better to add explaining. And please always add context for translators in such cases ;-)